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Cathedral School Childcare
& Junior Kindergarten

Two locations
Fairfield & Gordon Head

Intake takes place all year.
Contact Caitlin Wynne for more details or to be placed on the waitlist.

Phone: 250-383-5132 (Fairfield) | 250-388-4550 (Gordon Head)

2023 Fees

To view the list of closure dates for 2023/2024, please select your location below.

JKSD 2024 Closures
JKSM 2024 Closures

Our childcare and Junior Kindergarten centres are warm, friendly, bright, and bustling with creativity.

The JKs (as they are affectionately known) are unique places for children to learn, grow and play. We believe it is important for children to know they are in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment.

All of our educators are certified Early Childhood Educators or Early Childhood Educator Assistants. Our educators work collaboratively as a team to encourage appropriate behaviours and lead by example for the children. We believe in open, courteous communication between educators, children and their families.

Learning through play is an essential part of our enriched curriculum.

Faith: All children participate in daily grace at lunchtime. We attend chapel once a month, and we participate in bi-weekly faith classes.

Emergent curriculum: Whenever possible, we facilitate small group learning. Our curriculum may start with a theme, but as the children’s interests develop and change, so does our theme. We believe that following the children’s interests is important for optimal learning.

Specialty Classes: We love offering different activities and allowing the children to learn and develop new skills. Our centres offer Art Class, Music Class, Kindergym, Spanish Class, Yoga and Movement, and Land Based Learning Class. Our centres also use the “We Thinkers” series to help children develop healthy social-emotional skills. Special teachers offer all our specialty classes!

Kindergarten Readiness: In your child’s last year at the JK before starting school, we have a special “Kindie Club” group every Friday. Our kindergarten readiness program was developed with our Kindergarten teacher at Christ Church Cathedral School. The program focuses on five key components. They are Literacy and Numeracy, Fine motor, Gross motor, Social Emotional, and Independence Skills. Our program exposes your child to a deeper level of these concepts so they will be prepared for their next journey. Our educators are deeply committed to supporting the growth and development of your child.

Community: Our Educators work hard to create a warm community within our centre. Educators update the parent boards daily with information about what we did during the day. We also host BBQs and other family gatherings a few times a year (Unfortunately, not during Covid-19.) Both our centres also use an application called Hi Mama. Hi Mama allows our teams to update families in real-time and send photos and updates right to your mobile device. Hi Mama creates a digital learning story of your child’s journey with us. Keeping track of all their developmental milestones and documenting all the valuable life skills they learn daily.

Literacy: Educators read daily with the children. We teach the children name and letter recognition using the Jolly Phonics program for pre-literacy. As children become older and are ready for the next challenge, we help support them in learning to write their names.

Adventures: We are outside EVERY DAY! Rain or shine, there are always new adventures and things to learn. In addition to our playgrounds, we explore the many natural settings and local playgrounds in the neighbourhood.

Our program offers full-time spaces for children aged 2.5-5 years. All children who are attending for the day must be at the centre by 9:00 am so they will not miss out on any adventures.

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