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Kindergarten to Grade 8

The school provides a well-rounded curriculum designed to encourage the development of character, imagination, creativity, critical thinking, physical fitness, an open and receptive mind and a spirit of responsibility and service.

Classroom work is supplemented by field trips, regular use of the library, and the development of research skills using texts, computers, and the latest technology.

Teachers give as much individual attention as possible, which is made easier by the small class sizes. They take into account the children’s different learning styles, and students needing some extra assistance are able to work with our Learning Support Team.

The School is continuously working on curriculum development and the teachers keep abreast of best practices by attending regular professional development sessions.

Strings at CCCS

The Arts

At CCCS, we have a rich and diverse visual arts and music program. From kindergarten to grade 8, your child will have the opportunity to discover and develop their artistic talents.


Music is essential to our STEAM philosophy at Cathedral School, where we combine science, technology, engineering, arts, and math to create well-rounded learners.

Long Jump


Our athletic program sets our students on a path to a long life of physical health through team sports and individual athletic pursuits. Students are introduced to various sports and opportunities to hone their skills and engage in competition. Our relationship with the YMCA/YWCA next door provides additional facilities and opportunities for physical training. 

science at CCCS


Recognizing that students often possess distinct talents and interests in either arts and humanities or mathematics and science, STEAM education employs an integrated and holistic approach. By presenting these disciplines as interconnected pieces of a larger whole, students no longer feel disconnected or disengaged from certain subjects. Instead, they are encouraged to collaborate with their peers, collectively tackling challenges and gaining fresh perspectives on subjects they may find challenging.

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