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Facility Rental at Memorial Hall

The school building is celebrating its centennial in 2023 and was designed and constructed in the style of the era it was built in. The historic style could be a fantastic add-on to your event’s theme.

Cathedral School facilities are available for use by the community throughout the year. The facilities may be used for family events, conferences, workshops, sports, and specialized instructional camps.

Use of the facilities and/or space is in accord with the philosophy and goals of Cathedral School and does not disrupt the school’s instructional or daily activities.

Cathedral School facilities may be rented to profit-making entities for training or other purposes if the rental is not for retail. Not-for-profit entities may utilize rented facilities for fundraising purposes.


No grease, no commercial use (in conjunction with other room rental)

Charity = $75

Non Charity = $100

School Community = $50

Outdoor Turf

Charity = $45/hr or $270/day

Non Charity = $60/hr or $360/day

School Community = $30/hr or $180/day


Charity = $45/hr or $270/day

Non Charity = $60/hr or $360/day

School Community = $30/hr or $180/day


Charity = $45/hr

Non Charity = $60/hr

School Community = $30/hr

A $100 fee will be applied to the above rates if the event ends after 11 pm. A $50 fee per hour will be applied if clean-up is needed. Any partial hour will be billed as a full hour.

Custodial & Security - $50 per hour while in use. This service is required for the duration of weekend events.

Kitchen - $120.00 refunded if dishes are done, and the kitchen is clean after the event.
Gym - $150.00 refunded if tables and chairs are put away, and the room is cleared of all garbage.
Auditorium - $120.00 refunded if tables and chairs are put away and the room is cleared of all decorations and garbage.

Contact us for more information at or call 250-383-5125.

A cleaning charge for all holiday and weekend events will be added to the booking fee.

Christ Church Cathedral School has facility space for rental available for community use.
Our beautiful downtown location is on the Christ Church Cathedral campus, with ample parking, public transit and active transportation accessibility.
Nearby accommodation, restaurant and retail options are abundant to support your out-of-town guests at your event.
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