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Christ Church Cathedral School Accessibility Plan 

At CCCS, a key element in the support of our community is the development of an Accessibility Plan. This plan identifies needs, priorities, and action plans, and draws on feedback from our school community and the work of the Accessibility Committee to enhance equity of access to programming and our facilities.  We are required by law to create an accessibility plan.  The legislation came into effect in 2022.  Initial accessibility plans are due throughout BC in the Fall of 2023.


Our Accessibility Committee is a diverse and multi-disciplinary team that will meet regularly to affirm our commitment to identify priorities and develop and monitor action plans highlighted in the plan. The plan identifies measurable actions across the pillars of the Accessibility Act, supporting equal opportunity for persons with disabilities by identifying, removing, and preventing barriers to access.

If, as a member of the school community, you would like to comment on a barrier or support you encounter at CCCS, please print the form below, scan it and email it to the school office ( or drop it off at the school office.


Thank you,

Jake Humphries

Interim Head of School

 Accessibility Feedback Tool 

At CCCS, we want to learn about specific barriers or helpful supports that people encounter when they are trying to:

  • Access a school program, building, or school information

  • Receive a service or support

The CCCS Accessibility Committee will review your feedback as it is offered.  It will be used for the revision of future accessibility planning. If you need accommodation for your student or if this is an urgent matter, please contact the school directly.

If you would like to provide pictures, please send them to

Thanks for submitting!

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